Arinna Grittani, Associate | REALTOR®

Arinna has been interested in Real Estate since 2009 when she attended a real estate investment seminar.  At the time she was working as a Landscape Architectural Technologist at an engineering firm.  After the seminar she said, “When I grow up I’m going to be a Real Estate Investor”.  She left the firm and started an ecological landscape company called Earth Legacy Inc. in 2010, which she still runs.  She bought her first house in 2011 which was in foreclosure and needed a ton of work.  She did the work, alongside some skilled friends, and lived in it until the mortgage was paid off.  She then went on to buy a big house from which she rents rooms.  In 2018, she invested with partners in new build in Bonnie Doon which had 3 offers on the first day, and closed shortly after.  She is currently a partner in an upcoming LEED certified mixed use apartment block.  She is a firm believer in building your own equity, turning renters into buyers, putting in sweat equity (if that excites you), and helping people to find their own way into Real Estate.  She got licensed in 2019 and is eager to help others find the joy and excitement of home ownership, and real estate investing.  She is well versed in landscaping (design and installations), basic home renovations, and house systems.  She is also an advocate for sustainable development.  Her house is solar powered and also has numerous other efficient upgrades.